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The Creative Unit is the strategic partner, the industrial design expert who will complement your organization, always reliable for the design of vehicles and accessories, simple or complex, and for styles that are compliant with the marketing strategy, functionality and manufacturing methods, and above all, that respect the end-user.

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Martin is an extremely creative person, an outstanding designer. At the same time, he has a great understanding of all aspects of product development: engineering, production, etc. I always had a very constructive relationship with him on the projects we were involved in.

Alessandro Del Mistro, VP at Lx Sim Inc.

Martin is one of the most gifted industrial designers that I have had the pleasure of working with. While we worked together at BRP to solve ergonomic and design concerns on advanced projects, I found Martin to be an excellent communicator, gifted as a designer, and always very, very professional in his approach. I would highly recommend Martin and his skills to any potential client.

Peter Watson, Principal Ergonomist, Owner at Human Works Inc.

Martin is a seasoned world-class designer whose name deserves to be spread. He is innovative, has impeccable work ethics, and is dedicated to client satisfaction.

Danny Higgins, CEO at Rocken Technologies

Martin is indisputably the best concept designer with whom I have been fortunate to collaborate and doubtless the most talented in Québec. He has an impressive baggage of knowledge and experience in the field of vehicle design. He constantly keeps up to date with styles and trends, his job fascinates him, and he draws like a master! His art is very high level—“top of the line.” Every time, concept after concept, he manages to surpass himself and amaze us! Furthermore, Martin is a diligent professional who always delivers work on time.

Roberto Barbusci, Industrial designer at A3D Innovation Inc.