The Creative Unit

Industrial design

The Creative Unit studio, located on the south shore of Montreal, in Québec, Canada, offers industrial design services and specializes in transportation design (utilitarian, recreational and defence). The studio was founded in June 2004 by industrial designer Martin Aubé, who has a passion for feasible visions and representations of the future, sketching, quality work, and transportation and accessories design.

At The Creative Unit, we excel in understanding the needs of our customers and product users and in delivering high-quality sketches and renderings of design concepts. We also support our customers at all other stages of project development, if required. We believe in fast, but well-thought-out strategic actions and in combining our strengths in order to achieve the customer’s goals without compromising the quality of the work.

About us

Biography, studio description and philosophy.

Design process

Design process, project steps, Design value and quality, industrial design definition.

Awards and honors

Products and vehicles that received prestigious local and international awards for our industrial design work and our customers’ collaboration.

We excel in understanding the needs of our customers

We support our customers at all stages of project development.